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You Can Generate At Least $8,000 Per Month While Working With Experts Who Take Care Of All The Work For You! 

We Will Even Send You 500 Hot Leads Every Single Month

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Even More From Nick & Tom's Students...

"Just 3 days after joining... I landed my first client!"

“Just landed a new $1300 recurring monthly client because of their help”

“Best Mastermind... If you aren't part of this group you're doing a disservice to yourself and your business."

"These are two guys who actually DO what they teach."

"I'm so glad I found this amazing community... I'm working from home and started my own business thanks to your products!"

"A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Tom Gaddis & Nick Ponte for the amazing information and support"

Why Would You Want To Have Your Own Hyper-Profitable Marketing Agency With The Remote Millionaires Partnership Program?

Monthly Recurring Revenue

With the Virtual Fortune Blueprint, you will have the offer and structure Business Owners need right now. They will happily pay you every single month to work with you and your recurring revenue snowballs!

Experts Take Care Of Your Client

Rather than having to learn complex new skills, we connect you with Experts who can take care of the heavy lifting for you and deliver incredible results, simply for a cut of the monthly fee. It's a no-brainer.

Time Efficient Build

Rather than waiting months if not years for other business models to work like Amazon or Shopify, you can generate PROFIT in your first month and income that can replace your full time job.

500 Leads Every Month

Not only will we show you how to generate leads yourself, we will actually send you 500 hot leads every single month that already want your new service, all you have to do is bring them in.

We Will Literally Send You 500 Prospects Every Single Month That Want And Need Your Services!

The Remote Millionaires Partnership Program Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed:

  • Launch Your Business: With direct, step by step instructions and live guidance every step of the way. You will have complete clarity on exactly what to do and how to do it.

  • Sign New Clients: Not only do we teach you how to find leads yourself, we actually put 500 on a plate for you every single month. You will have the offer the prospects want, the prospects who want them and the team to deliver results. 

  • The Ability To Deliver Incredible Results: Rather than learning everything yourself, you will have Experts on hand who can actually deliver for your Clients. This means you don't have to worry about it, you can focus on growing your business.

How Can I Pull This Off?

The first step is to start by finding clients who need our services. The good news is that there is an endless supply of businesses that need our help. Oh, don't forget, we also send you 500 of these businesses every single month to make life even easier.

Our favorite way to do this is by searching for untapped markets and niches. We then look at who the main companies we find are, identifying issues with their business such as no website, no ads, no reviews etc. 

The second step is to find experts who can deliver results for us and for our clients. 

We work to find experts who can handle all of the fulfillment for us for tasks such as ads, SEO, web design and so on. Essentially anything and everything that will allow us to produce results for our clients. 

The third step is where we start to systemize the entire process by building out standard operating procedures and plugging them into our business, SOPs for short.

SOPs are documents containing step-by-step instructions to guide employees on how to perform a technical, repetitive process within an organization. 

Now at this step, the only issue with building out your own SOPs is that you need to gain experience on how to do each task in order to write an effective SOP. 

That’s why we actually give you the SOPs we have already built for this business model. 

I’ve documented every single step of my journey.

With that you can start signing clients immediately and start making money as quickly as possible.
These SOPs are the one thing that has allowed me to generate $368k this past year so far, while putting maybe 20% of my time into the business.

Step 4, bring in support staff to manage the day-to-day operations of the business, meaning we can actually remove ourselves, becoming the business owner rather than the operator.

Our SOPs allows your team members to run your business for you as everything is laid out and given to them in a simple repeatable format.

The final step is to set up software that brings leads in on-demand and nurtures leads into customers, so we can step back while the business grows.

All you need to do is on-board the Client, collect your monthly fee, then contact one of the experts you know, who is happy to do the work for you, paying them about 30% of the fee.

Then we simply sit back and profit the difference every single month without ever doing any of the heavy lifting. 

Who Is A Hyper-Profitable Marketing Agency Perfect For?

A Hyper-Profitable Marketing Agency Is Perfect For You If Any Of The  Aspects Below Are Important To You:

You Don't Want To Wait Months To Actually Start Generating Some Serious Income

Rather than waiting months to actually generate income, you want to start generating income that makes a difference to your life in your first month, making the effort you put in worthwhile.

You Want To Make Money From Home Without Having To Spend A Fortune

You don't want to invest thousands in products that you aren't even sure will sell before you make a single Dollar. You would rather generate profit quickly with huge margins from the outset.

You Want To Build A Business That Allows you To Focus On Doing What You Enjoy

Rather than building a business and becoming your own slave, you would rather create a business that allows you to focus on spending time with your family and doing what you love without lifting a finger.

Are You Interested In Starting A Business That Can Generate $8,000 Per Month In Recurring, Passive Income 
In A Short Space Of Time?

If this business model is something that truly resonates with you and recurring, passive profit is exactly what you have been looking for, book a call and let's plan your strategy!

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